Changing the game for periprosthetic joint infection.

For patients who face infection after joint replacement surgery, there is a new way forward.

At ForCast, we are pioneering the treatment of periprosthetic joint infection (PJI) with a targeted antibiotic therapy. Our mission is to modernize the standard of care for PJI and improve the quality of life for the growing population of joint replacement patients.

About ForCast

Introducing The RIDDS System

ForCast is developing a proprietary Remotely-Actuated Implantable Delivery System (“RIDDS”) for localized delivery of antibiotics to treat PJI directly at the infection site through a novel, less invasive patient experience.

RIDDS, enables local drug delivery into the knee or hip through a simple, lower-cost system of an implantable pump and a reusable handheld controller. The RIDDS system enables a lower-risk pump design by putting batteries and electronics in the handheld controller.



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